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Private Chef, Big Island, Hawaii

When planning a vacation on the Big Island, many people want to include their extended family on the adventure. Having a private chef work with you to plan your meals, shop and cook for a family group is both convenient and makes economic sense.

1 Many of the vacation rentals on the Big Island are situated with beautiful views and in peaceful surrounds. Why would you want to leave to go to a crowded, noisy restaurant when you can have the highest quality meal prepared for you in your own vacation home?

2 Privacy is a concern of some of our visitors to the Big Island. Having a private chef and staff allows you to enjoy exotic tropical cocktails by the pool and a restaurant quality dinner without leaving the privacy and comfort of your own tropical paradise.

3 Private Chefs are focused on preparing the most delicious food possible for the various tastes represented in the members of your family. For some guests, Pacific Rim cuisine is the preference, for others the highest quality comfort food is desired. It is our goal to identify your family members' preferences and delight all their palates.

4 Many of our guests to the Big Island appreciate fine wine and spirits. Some guests will ship wine from their cellar in advance of their arrival. Others enjoy purchasing and serving special wine from the cellars of local vendors, and not being limited by the selection and excessive tariffs they experience when drinking and dining at local hotels.

5 A Private Chef can stock your pantry with delicious breakfast and lunch treats so you don't have to waste the daylight hours in restaurants.

6 Your Private Chef can also cater for picnics in and out of the ordinary locations around the island so that excellent local edible treats can be a part of your adventure.

7 More than a wealth of knowledge about local foods and the best providores, your Private Chef is also knowledgeable about the local area, and can share ideas for spectacular, sometimes lesser known picnic locations that you can enjoy with your family!

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