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Contracting with a private chef to take care of the meals for your family vacation in Hawaii is a wonderful treat for most families, but for some groups, our gourmet delivery service is more appropriate solution.

  1. PRIVACY. Open kitchens are great if one of the family members is responsible for the food preparation. However, if you have hired a private chef and service personnel to prepare and serve all your families meals then you may end up felling as though you have two extra people on your vacation, no matter how discreet they may be. For some families this is a problem and Carefree Gourmet Delivery Service is the solution.It allows you to maintain your privacy while enjoying spectacular meals.

  2. RESTAURANTS CLOSE AT 9:00. Kona closes down at 9 pm. If you are having a lovely day at the beach or visiting Akaka Falls, you may not have time to get home, shower, have a cocktail and be ready to go out to dinner before 8:30 or 9. Rather than stressing about a place to find dinner when you are ready to eat, have your dinner delivered and in the fridge waiting for you to heat and serve at your convenience. When you are on vacation the last time you want to do is be on someone else’s schedule.

  3. PRE-PLANED MENUS. For moms and dads who are responsible for figuring out what their family will eat each day of the year, thinking about food, choosing a restaurant types that will satisfy everyone is the last thing they want to do on vacation. With Carefree Gourmet Delivery, we help you choose your menus in advance of the vacation and each day you just open up the fridge to delicious, exquisitely prepared meals ready for you to put on the table and enjoy.

  4. RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR BEAUTIFUL SETTING. Many of our guests come to Hawaii to have a break from very hectic lives. Relaxation and peace is the goal. So why leave the pool or ocean view of your beautiful vacation rental to go to a restaurant. Let us keep you supplied with spectacular meals and treats so that going out is optional not a necessity.

  5. SAVE MONEY. Having a professional, highly qualified chef and server at you home, taking care of your every culinary whim is an amazing luxury which you may want to afford yourself for a few of your vacation day., However, you can treat yourself and your family to professionally prepared meals every day and, save the ultimate luxury of full service catering for a few special vacation days. In addition,you can prepare your own tropical cocktails with the delicious fresh fruit mixes from Carefree Gourmet Delivery for a fraction of the cost of having fancy tropical cocktails in a restaurant.

  6. GREAT FOOD for each palate. We work with you to design the menu of each meal especially for the particular tastes of each of your family members, whatever that may be. It isn’t practical for the kids to go to one restaurant and the parents to go to another. Have a menu which each of you enjoy every meal. No one has to compromise.

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